How Can I Get The Best Medicare Supplement Rates?

Secrets to getting the best Medicare supplement rates. There are a variety of ways to obtain the best possible Medicare supplement rates for yourself and/or your loved one(s).

There are many factors to consider before investing in any insurance policy. Do you have a retirement policy from your former employer that you could pay into that would be less expensive than going elsewhere? Do you qualify for Medicaid as a supplemental policy? If you do need to find a supplemental policy can you cover the rising cost of this policy?


Budget is usually a determining factor for seniors looking for supplemental coverage. Determine how much money you can afford to invest in a policy. Keep in mind that policy rates are subject to change and can quite possibly do that if you require many medical visits or facility stays.

Deductibles And Co-Pays

While some people opt for a higher deductible, could you realistically pay the bills should an extended stay be deemed necessary? Would a lower deductible be more beneficial? Also, a secondary policy does not ensure a co-pay will not still exist. Even after your deductible has been met you may have to pay a small balance to doctors and facilities that do not accept assignment.

Policy Needs

You will need to determine your policy needs. Would adding dental or eye care to the policy make sense? Also note that a preexisting condition may make you not eligible for a portion or portions of a policy.

Research Tools

There are many valuable research tools available to help you determine who will give you the best Medicare supplement rates. Use the internet to research prices, ask family and friends and/or call insurance companies to inquire about Medicare supplement rates before investing in a policy.

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