How Can I Combine Medicare Part B And Part D?

Over the past decade Medicare has seen any changes. These changes were meant to help the system provide better coverage and more options for seniors who had worked all of their lives and were now retiring. However, many of these changes were complicated and quite difficult to understand. Yet, if examined closely, many of these plans can be combined to help provide the exact coverage that one might need, without having to pay for extra coverage that an individual does not need. One common question often asked is how can I combine Medicare Part B and Part D?

What Is Medicare Part B?

Medicare Part B is basically the “outside” medical coverage of your health insurance. This part of the health insurance helps to pay for visits to the doctor, some home health care, some medical equipment you might need, and some medication. The medication is limited though. Medication under Medicare Part B does not cover regular Prescription Drugs. Rather, it covers things such as flu shots and immunosuppressant drugs.

What Is Medicare Part D?

Medicare Part D is the prescription drug benefit coverage of Medicare. Medicare Part D will cover almost any doctor prescribed medication that is approved by medicare and that is taken on a regular basis for a chronic condition. This includes short term medication, nebulizers, vaccines, Hepatitis B vaccines, and oral cancer drugs that have been prescribed for reasons other than cancer. There are also many other types of medication covered.

How Can I Combine Medicare Part B And Part D?

Here is the answer to how can I combine Medicare Part B and Part D? It is relatively easy. Medicare Part B is meant for routine care while Medicare Part D has been developed for prescription care. When discussing your benefits with a health advisor, or when researching on the Internet, be sure to consider adding Medicare Part D to your health plan. You will need it in order to access the routine prescription drugs you might need.

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