How Can I Buy The Smartest Medicare Supplemental Plan For Me?

In answering the question ‘how to buy the smartest medicare supplement plan for me?’, the first thing to weigh is whether or not you need one. Whether or not you need a Medigap Plan requires more than just flipping a coin. The first step is acquiring a firm understanding of what Medicare covers and what it does not since the purpose of a Medigap Plan is to ensure your current and future medical needs will be well covered. Medicare/Medicaid dual coverage does not necessitate a Medigap Plan

Evaluating The Need For A Medigap Plan

Evaluating your current needs appears to be the easier of the two tasks, since you know your present Part B premium and deductible as well as Part D prescription drug expenses. Seeking the opinion of your physician to evaluate anticipated needs may be the best option. Items which should be included on your list of future coverage needs might be foreign travel, at-home-recovery or nursing home coverage, blood work needs and preventive care including gym or health club membership fees.

An Easy Way To Choose A Medigap Plan

With your personal guidelines chart in hand, visit a website with comparison charts for each of the 12 Medigap Plan letters A-L. Having formulated a personal medical needs chart makes evaluation and elimination of plans quick and easy. As the letter field narrows, make sure the plans you are considering are available in your area of residence. This important step can easily be accomplished by visiting and entering your state and zipcode.

Prior to seeking price quotes for each Medigap Plan remaining on your list, take the time to research how these quotes are figured based on age and whether prices will rise with future age. It is paramount to consider that Medicare Advantage Plan quotes are based on the age when bought and do not have a rise as you age clause.

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