How Can I Avoid Medicare Fraud?

You can avoid Medicare fraud by not giving your personal information to people who may come to your home or call you on the telephone. You should only give your personal information to those who are approved by Medicare or doctors. If you are not sure if the provider is approved by Medicare or not, then there are toll free numbers that you may call to find out this information. If you lose your card, then you should call to report it. Hotlines are available for you to call to report Medicare fraud. Medicare fraud is a serious crime.

Report Fraud

Some doctors or suppliers do not folow good medical practices. You have a right to report this if it happens to you. Knowing your Medicare rights can help protect you from Medicare fraud. Booklets are available on how to detect and protect yourself against Medicare fraud. A good example of Medicare fraud would be when someone uses another person’s Medicare card for services. When you report Medicare Fraud, a federal fraud investigation will take place. Your identity will be protected when reporting fraud.

Be Cautious of Door Salesmen

Never give your Medicare number to anyone unless it is a Medicare provider. Never ask your doctor to make false reports or entries. Never accept medical supplies from a door salesman. Be cautious to free offers that ask for your Medicare number or card. Avoid providers who say that some services are not covered. Keep a calender on your appointments, tests, etc. This will help you remember.

Medicare Fraud is A Crime

Medicare fraud is a serious crime and it is punishable by law. It often involves a very lengthy investigation. You can also avoid Medicare fraud by not contacting your doctor and asking him to provide services that you do not need. Always be aware of those offering services that say they are covered by Medicare, because thee are ways to check if they are telling the truth.

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