Does Switching Medigap Plans Affect My Coverage?

If you rely on any of of the Medigap plans, you may wonder if switching the plan will affect your coverage. Switching the plans will affect the benefits you receive, although it may not affect the benefits you receive too much if you switch to similar plans. There is little difference between Medigap A and B, but Plan F might include a lot of differences that the average consumer does not realize. The more similar a plan is, the closer the letters are in the alphabet. The customer needs to know if he is switching to a plan with more coverage or less coverage. He may also need to know if he can switch his coverage.

Are Their Limitations that Govern the Switching of Medigap Plans?

The Federal government’s Medicare plan follows different rules than the Medicare supplemental insurance companies need to follow. A consumer has a six month period in which he can enroll in any Medigap policy. The company he deals with may or may not issue an annual window in which he can change coverage. There are times when a company drops a customer that also causes the customer go into an open enrollment period for Medicare supplemental plans. The customer cannot easily change plans under normal circumstances, but this depends largely on the policy of the company he deals with.

How Will I Know What The Changes to My Medigap Plans Are?

The company that issues the Medicare supplemental policy will have information about what each policy covers. If the user wants to know what each policy is supposed to cover. The Federal Government offers information about the standardized Medigap plans as well. If the company does not provide this information, it may be because their plans do not offer antying beyond what the federal government requires them to offer.

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