Does Social Security Pay For Any Part of Medicare Part B?

An individual with social security income can apply for Medicare at his social security office. The options often confuse a person enrolling or getting enrolled in the program for the first time. A person on Medicaid may have to pay small co-pays. Medicare works slightly differently than the state-run health insurance programs.

How Medicare Part B Premiums Work

Medicare Part B covers tests and other work not covered by the general care portions under Medicare Part A. As with Part A, a person must pay premiums. Social Security, does not by itself pay these premiums. Help may be available for people who cannot afford the premiums but that is a separate issue.

How Medicare Part B and Social Security Are Connected

A person who enrolls in this plan will have his monthly premiums deducted from his social security check, if he is on social security. The plans seldom cost more than 100 dollars per month in 2010, but this may be a large portion of a person’s income, especially if they rely on fixed income sources for every day expenses.

Social security income is in part, determined by how long a person worked and how much he paid in. A person who worked low-level factory or retail jobs most of his or her life may not earn as much money as a worker for the government or someone who worked in management or in a union shop.

Will I Pay More for Medicare Part B?

The limits for Part B in 2010 are $85,000 for single filers and $170,000 for joint filers. People over these income limits pay a premium of $110.50 to coverage under this plan. People with low incomes who are eligible for both Medicaid and Medicare may not have to pay this premium. A person who is unsure should contact his social security office.

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