Does My Medicare Supplement Cover Me If I Am Out Of The Country?

When a Medicare recipient decides to travel out of country, he may wonder if he will receive coverage out of country if he needs it. He may also if a Medicare supplement will cover him in this circumstance. Medicare itself will only cover a person in a foreign country if a foreign hospital is closer to a resident who lives in the United States, or if a person going from Alaska to Canada or vice versa needs emergency medical care. To see what Medicare advantage plans offer coverage, a Medicare supplement customer should check with his health insurance provider.

What Happens If I Need Treatment Out of Country?

If a person has a Medicare supplement that offers coverage when he is traveling outside of the United States, he does not need to do anything other than fill out the appropriate Medical forms. If he does need coverage outside of the United States, he should limit out of country medical care to emergency cases only. Payment arrangements may have to be made in extreme circumstances. If it is not an emergency, a patient should wait until he can get back to his normal health care provider.

What If I’m Aboard a Cruise Ship?

Medicare does not pay for any Medical services, whether they are necessary or not, incurred when a cruise ship is not within six miles of the United States or its territories. Medicare may pay for the service if the patient sends Medicare Form CMS-1040S to the doctor’s office. The city where the port is in will process the paperwork and the necessary claim forms. When a person is in doubt about who will pay for his medical care, he can call the hotline to help him figure out the process. Sometimes, he may just be out of luck, even with a Medicare supplement.

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