Does Medicare Supplemental Insurance Cover VA Services?

Medicare Supplemental Insurance does not cover VA services, and it does not need to. VA services are already covered by the Veteran’s Administration. The Supplemental Insurance helps to ease the burden of any costs that are not covered by the Veteran’s Administration, in hospitals that are not supervised by the VA.

One of the questions that veterans often have when they leave the active duty is whether or not their benefits cover all of their medical expenses. Another is whether or not Medicare Supplemental Insurance covers VA services.

Does a Veteran’s Benefits Cover All Medical Expenses?

No. Veterans do not receive benefits for medical issues unless they are at a VA hospital and seeing a VA doctor. If the veteran is in a non-VA hospital, they will need to pay for all of the expenses until they are transferred to a VA hospital, at which point everything is covered.

Are VA Services Covered by Medicare Supplemental Insurance?

Medicare Supplemental Insurance does not pay for the costs of medical service that takes place in a VA hospital. This is taken care of by the Veteran’s Administration. Everything that happens in a non-VA hospital, on the other hand, is covered by Medicare and Medicare Supplemental Insurance. It is important to understand that Medicare and Medicare Supplemental Insurance might not pay for all of the costs of medical assistance from a non-VA hospital, but depending on what operations were undergone and which plans were chosen they will help to relieve the financial burden.

Is this a Problem?

Since the Veteran’s Administration will cover everything that takes place within a VA hospital, the fact that supplemental insurance does not pay for these costs is not a problem. The supplemental insurance will help ease the costs that the Veteran’s Administration does not take care of.

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