Does Medicare Supplemental Insurance Cover VA Services?

Medicare supplemental insurance plans were created by the government to fill in the gaps that are not covered by Medicare. Since Medicare does not cover all of the costs that need to be paid in order for you to receive health care, you can sign up for Medicare supplemental insurance to cover these additional costs so that you don’t need to worry about them. The coverage of the plans is laid down by the federal government, and the plans themselves are purchased from private insurance companies.

Does Medicare Supplemental Insurance Cover VA Services?

No, it does not. The good thing is that it does not actually need to. The Veteran’s Administration already covers these costs, so your Medicare supplemental insurance plan does not need to pay for any of these costs.

Does VA Cover All Medical Expenses?

No. Unless you are at a VA hospital and being examined by a VA doctor, you are not covered by VA. In other words, the two services cover two separate things. If you go to a VA hospital, all your expenses will be covered by VA. If you go to a normal hospital, VA will not cover anything, but Medicare and supplemental insurance will.

Who Provides Supplemental Insurance?

This is offered by private insurance companies. They are not owned by the government like Medicare and VA. The coverage offered by the plans, however, is mandated by the federal government, so that no matter who you purchase the plan from, you know it is offering the same amount of coverage. This means that your primary concern will be the costs of the plan. Remember that your costs can change as you grow older, so make sure to research how the costs might change.

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