Does Medicare Supplemental Insurance Cover Long Term Care?

LONG Term Care Is Expensive

Have you ever heard an elderly person say they want to live a long, happy life and die quickly? Long term care in a nursing home or assisted living is cost-prohibitive. Medicare supplemental insurance does not cover long term care except for the one hundred days of recovery after an accident. Medicare supplemental insurance like Medigap is available from private insurers to cover the holes in Medicare coverage, but they do not cover long term care.

A MEDIGAP Provider Does Not Cover The Cost Of A Nursing Home

Medicare does not cover the cost of nursing homes or at-home care for people who become disabled. Like Medicare, a Medigap provider does not pay for long term care, either. A Medigap provider will cover out-of-pocket expenses for recovery from an accident. Medicare will cover twenty days of skilled nursing care after an accident, and for the next eighty days they will cover eighty percent of the cost. A Medigap Provider will pay for remaining twenty percent of skilled medical care for eighty days. Medigap also will take care of custodial care — home visits from a doctor after recovery from an accident. This is not an expense that Medicare will cover.

A MEDIGAP Provider Has The Same Application Requirements As Medicare

If Seniors apply for Meidgap at the same time they apply for Medicare they will get automatic coverage, without regard to preexisting conditions. A disability may disqualify an applicant after that period. The eligibility age for Medigap is sixty-five — the same as Medicare. Medigap policies are sold to seniors regardless of their income level. Medigap policies are sold separately to spouses. Some Veterans benefits overlap the Medigap coverage.

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