Does Medicare Pay For Assisted Living?

Many people are under the perception that Medicare will pay for assisted living when they need it. This is only partially true. Medicare will only pay for assisted living costs when it follows an injury or illness that necessitates this care. Medicare will not cover daily permanent assisted living costs.

Medicare Will Pay For Assisted Living Under Certain Circumstances

Medicare will only cover costs for assisted living if an individual is considered homebound. Homebound means the person is unable to travel to a medical facility for treatment. Medicare will cover assisted living in circumstances where the person needs a licensed professional to provide services. These services can include health care, physical therapy, or speech therapy. Treating a wound, or administering an injection are examples of tasks that would require a licensed professional. Bathing a person and helping a person get dressed are not qualifying services under Medicare.

Other Covered Expenses Under Medicare

The Medicare home health care benefit may provide a part-time home health aide if needed. If a beneficiary of Medicare needs short- term home health care, Medicare will sometimes cover the home health aide expense. Additionally, the benefit will cover some equipment and supplies that are needed to treat the Medicare beneficiary. Medicare does pay for assisted living when a person meets the required qualifications.

Using Medicare As A Part Of Your Total Plan

Although Medicare does not cover many things, it is still a very important part of your overall health care strategy. When you know ahead of time, then, you can make decisions that will best suit your health care needs in the future. It is wise to also research Medicaid benefits. Many low income seniors qualify for this financial need based health care insurance. This is critical to know because Medicare does not pay for day-to-day living expenses for assisted living, but Medicaid may cover some of these expenses.

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