Does Medicare Pay For A Caregiver?

Depending upon what you qualify for you could potentially have all inclusive health care coverage for Medicare, or only receive supplemental assistance. The way the government decides this is based upon your earnings over your lifetime along with current retirement and pension payments being received. To have Medicare pay for a caregiver you will have to be in a situation where no other option is available, and they believe that your financial situation warrants them covering such a service.

What Types Of Caregivers Are Available

Depending upon the type of situation you may be able to have Medicare pay for a caregiver that is permanent or part time. Elderly persons with limited means that are in fair health usually qualify for somebody to come at least every couple of days and help them with chores or medical needs. It is important to remember that each person has a unique situation and may require varying levels of caregiver assistance. For example a person in poor health that may be terminal could require daily assistance that may even qualify for hospice.

Check All Of Your Options And Be Persistent

Unfortunately, like many other things in this world, getting the care you need for a loved one can be difficult. To have Medicare pay for a caregiver may require you to press the issue and make sure that you qualify. The system can be difficult and not all the care that should be given is allowed. Making sure that you get the right kind of caregiver is important as well. Elderly persons with not much time left are usually better off with a hospice type caregiver that is professionally trained for such situations.

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