Does Medicare Ignore Fraud Tips?

Medicare does not ignore fraud tips. If you report what you think is fraud carried out by a health provider like your doctor or your hospital, your report will be investigated. There are other reports of fraud against the medicare system reported by other providers against providers that they have come to suspect as using fraudulent means to get medicare monies. There are no tips reported to medicare that do not get investigated if the tip includes the name of the entity suspected of fraud. Vague tips that do not include a valid name and location of the medical provider are still recorded.

Who Can Report Suspected Fraud Activity Against Medicare?

Anyone who uses medicare or who has medical providers using their medicare can report what they suspect to be fraud. The report does not have to include the name of the person reporting the case of fraud. Giving the name of the medical office or hospital that the person suspects of fraud is enough to start an investigation. If the person reporting the fraud wants to, he can give his name and contact information. There are ways and means of reporting suspected fraud. The report can be made through phone, mail or Internet contact with offices of the agency that are authorized to investigate fraud charges.

Can Other Medicare Providers Report Suspected Fraud By Other Health Providers?

If a medicare provider discovers from clients that certain providers of services to health recipients are reporting more visits or charging more than is allowed, they can report that to the proper Social Security Agency. These reports are not ignored by the Social Security Health Agency. Of course, there are more reports of fraud reported to the Agency than the system can handle all at once but eventually all reports are investigated.

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