Does Medicare Cover Surgery?

If you need to have surgery, your Medicare will cover the procedure. Medicare Part B covers surgery costs and any medically necessary treatments associated with the surgery. Medicare Part A will cover any hospitalization that was necessary and any follow up home health care if required. Part D will cover any prescriptions. If you have an Advantage plan, the procedure will be covered under that plan excluding any co-payments or deductibles you may have for the procedure. Medicare will pay for transplant surgery and all the related expenses. They will also cover any expenses that are incurred from renal failure.

Will Medicare Cover Any Elective Surgeries?

Medicare does not cover any type of surgery they deem elective. This includes plastic surgery, unless needed to correct a problem. Any type of surgery that is not considered medically necessary will not be covered, nor will any associated follow up care. Medicare will also not cover any prescriptions, therapy or additional treatments that is necessary as a result of the elective surgery. Cataract surgery, while often considered elective is, however, covered by Medicare. You will also be able to receive one pair of eyeglasses at this time. Otherwise, eyeglasses are not covered by the program.

What Are My Out-Of-Pocket Expenses For Surgery?

Medicare, after deductible and co-payments will pay, on average 80% of your medical bills. You will be responsible for all the other expenses. Many people find that they can arrange a payment plan with the provider for the remaining balance of a bill. Providers understand that retiree’s are often on a budget and are willing to work with them. Many times a provider will offer discounts to the patients for prepaying their service. Some charity organizations will also help people who have very high medical expenses negotiate for lower rates on their bills.

11 Responses to “Does Medicare Cover Surgery?”

  1. Mallisa Hall says:

    I need to find out if I can get a surgery done to get rid the the fat above my c-section scar?
    I have tried everything and I’m having allot of health problems, because of my stomach….

    • Dawn says:

      John Goodwin: i have a major issue with constipation. I just about have to take laxatives daily to go. i have found 2 things that work wonders. 1) Miralax. If you havent heard of it its not a normal laxative. All it really does is add more water to your bowels and help move them along. 2) I dont know how you feel about energy drinks, but if I drink a Monster on an empty stomach early in the morning (when i wake up), the caffeine helps speed up the process. Usually within 2 hours after the Monster, I’ve gone to the bathroom. Let me know if this helps you out any :)

  2. john goodwin says:

    i need surgery on my sinus,i was told my problem will never go away without surgery. today i just heard of baloon sinuplasty. i also am not able to have a bowel movement, without laxatives, the doctors want to explore, but they cancelled both surgeries because they said medicare doesnt cover them.

  3. Bob L. Smith says:

    Is necessary major medical covered under Obamacare after January 2013? I am scheduled for carotid surgery in January and heard that it will not be covered under Obamacare. I am 68 years old with suplemental insurance. Thank you.

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  5. Amy fisher says:

    Yes I am 43 years old and had my uterus taken out oct 16 2012 after,surgery I found out that I have 2 cancer genes braca1 and draca 2 the dr does see it medically nessissary to take the overies out as well and my pcp also says that I should have both breast removed as well the cacer rate with breast cancer as well as overys removed becouse about 80 percent of the females get female and breast cancer I am in poor Heath also I don’t think I can go thru cemo or radiation to treat it I am sick a lot thank you Amy fisher

  6. Edward says:

    Will medicare part a. b.
    cover replacements of knee etc. under obama medical care plan.

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  8. test says:

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  9. Norma says:

    I am 78. I have cataracts that impair my vision in sunlight, cannot drive at night, cannot see TV without using binoculars and have been advised in past years to have cataract surgery. I went in to schedule surgery this year (2013) and now am told because my vision is 20/40 by chart testing, they will not do cataract removal and I will have to live with glare impairment. Is this due to the Medicare cuts to reimbursement of cataract surgery?

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