Does Medicare Cover In Home Care?

Medicare will pay for many services that are considered home health care. Medicare part A covers home health care services such as speech and occupational therapy, medical equipment such as oxygen or wheelchairs and some medical supplies. Part A will also cover part time nurse assistance and medical social services. Medicare part B also offers additional coverage for these same services. Most of the costs incurred by this type of service will be covered between both plans. Custodial care, care with personal hygiene, is not covered under any of the Medicare programs. If you are in a nursing home or have home health care assistance, any personal services rendered will be the responsibility of the patient.

Will Medicare Cover Any Diabetic Supplies?

Medicare parts A and B will cover most medical supplies for diabetes. Test meters, strips and orthopedic shoes are all covered under treatment for diabetes. You will need, however, Medicare part D to cover insulin or medications used to control diabetes. Diabetics can also take advantage of other diabetic services offered through Medicare part B. These services include preventative care and nutritional planning and help. These services can greatly enhance your success in managing this disease. Dental problems that are a result of diabetes is not covered under the plan. If you have a Medicare Advantage program you may have additional benefits to assist you with diabetes treatments.

Will Medicare Cover Any Other Off-Site Services?

Out patient treatment is covered under Medicare parts A&B. However, most alternative forms of treatment are not covered. Acupuncture, chiropractic services and many forms of homeopathic medicine is not recognized by the Medicare program. Medical treatment received outside of the United States, except for rare incidence, is not covered by any Medicare program.

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