Does Medicare Cover Hearing Aids?

If you have the standard Medicare coverage there are no coverage provisions for hearing aids. Medicare part A is hospitalization coverage that will provide additional benefits such as hospice care or in home health services. Medicare part B covers doctor bills that part A does not cover such as testing, therapy and medical equipment costs such as oxygen canisters. Part B does not cover routine office visits or yearly exams. If you have Medicare Advantage or Managed Medicare you may have additional coverage that is not listed here.

Does Medicare Cover Artificial Limbs?

Medicare part B will cover the costs and related expenses associated with an artificial limb. It will also cover any of the medical treatment required, such as occupational therapy, for a patient to learn how to use this new artificial device. The insurance program also covers artificial eyes. However, Medicare does not cover eyeglasses unless part of a recovery plan for cataracts and does not cover hearing aides or devices. If you have additional coverage or use a managed care program you should consult your benefits. Many managed care programs offer services in these fields that the standard program does not cover.

Will Medicare Help Me Get A Transplant?

Medicare will pay for a transplant if it is deemed necessary. They will also cover the costs of anti-rejection medicine for the remainder of your life. If you have had a transplant before receiving Medicare benefits you should be a ware that the program will not cover your expenses. Medicare only covers transplant costs for operations performed while in the program. All forms of treatment for renal failure or kidney transplants are covered, regardless of when the event took place.

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