Does Medicare Cover Chiropractic Services?

Medicare Part B

Medicare part B offers Chiropractic service which is also known as subluxation of a person’s spine. There are many cases that lead to bone disposition of the spine. An accident can occur where the bones in the spine are not in the correct position. This injury is painful and can be covered by Medicare. Old people who have weak bones might fall and disposition one or two bones in the spine. For people who have home health care, it is possible to receive chiropractic services with the help of a doctor or a nurse. However, the health practitioner has to sign a form stating the necessity of chiropractic services and how a patient will recover. The doctor or nurse must be a certified health practitioner to prescribe chiropractic services. A certified chiropractor must also be present to verify that there is a bone disposition in the spine without the need of an X-Ray.

Medicare Advantage Plans

Some coverage plans have chiropractic coverage benefits. Medicare Advantage plan also known as Medicare Private Plan include some of the most important benefits that can help a patient recover after an injury or an accident. The usual process of payment is applicable with Medicare Advantage Plan where the system pays 80% for the chiropractic costs while the beneficiary pays a deductible and 20% for the chiropractor fees.

Medicare Part C

Part C is offered to people who already have either part A or B or both. This program offers a broader selection of benefits and medical cover, chiropractic services included. People with Medicare Advantage Plan mostly benefit from this plan and it has different out-of-pocket charges for different benefits.

4 Responses to “Does Medicare Cover Chiropractic Services?”

  1. Do you know what the recent changes were in Medicare reimbursement?

  2. beth rice says:

    Your answer regarding does Medicare cover chiropractic services is extremely limited and it really is misleading. It makes seniors think that they must have had an accident or injury in order to have services covered. Medicare covers so much more than post accident care. I would love to have someone contact you so that your answer is more correct.


  3. Marianne says:

    This article is poorly written. Chiropractic can be very beneficial for seniors and does NOT require an accident.

  4. Susan says:

    Much of the informaiton in your answer(s) is incorrect or misleading at best. I am sure the American Chiropractic Association would be happy to help you write a more comprehensive answer.

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