Does Humana Offer The Best Medicare Supplemental Insurance?

Today’s seniors will find a large number of insurance options out there. But when it comes to Medicare supplemental insurance, Humana surpasses them all. When comparing plans, it is essential to look at availability, cost, coverage, and any special program that are offered. In comparison, Humana is known as an “industry best” among all Medicare supplemental insurance plans earning the coveted “A” rating.


Humana’s Medicare supplemental insurance plans are the most popular in the marketplace. They are available in nearly every county in the United States.

Cost and Coverage

In comparison to plans offered by other Medicare supplemental insurance companies, the cost of Humana is considered to be middle to high. While that can be seen as a downside to Humana, their coverage is top-notch. They offer nine different plans allowing participants to choose the coverage and related costs that best suit their needs. Since all Medicare supplemental insurance companies are standardized by the Center for Medicare services, Humana’s actual benefits are the exact same as other companies.

Silver Sneakers

Silver Sneakers is a program unique to Humana’s Medicare supplemental insurance plans. This program pays for fitness classes and gym memberships for its participants. This program is significant benefit to those seniors who want to stay active.

Humana Tools

As a participant in Humana’s Medicare supplemental insurance plans, you have access to a wide variety of tools. These include an all inclusive website that allows participants to find in-network doctors and hospitals, check claim status, order replacement ID cards, and get additional information on coverage. Another useful tool is MyHumana Mobile which supports the on-the-go needs of participants including an urgent care finder, a spending account balance viewer, and ID card details.

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