Does Everyone Need a Medicare Supplement Policy?

The answer is yes, especially as we begin to age into retirement years. Medicare supplement policies offer a range of health care options for seniors who reach the age of 65 or suffer earlier health conditions. Medicare supplement policies allow participants to select a suitable plan for their lifestyle and budget. Participants have the opportunity yearly to review the existing plan, make changes as their medical needs and health conditions change, take advantage of the best benefits for reasonable costs. Medicare supplement policy provisions for healthcare are worth the extra costs with medical costs increasing every year.

Supplemental Coverage

Medicare provides the basic insurance coverage and depending on health conditions the basic coverage may not cover necessary health services. That’s when Medicare supplement policy pays for services not covered under the original Medicare plan. Medicare supplement policy contributes to copays, deductibles and co-insurance payments reducing the out of pocket costs for Medicare participants.


There are twelve programs in the Medicare supplemental policy plans. Private insurance carriers offer a selection but not necessarily all twelve plans. Medicare has standardized the policies ensuring health benefits are realized in all of the Medicare supplemental plans. Plans are structured to permit Medicare participants’ options in managing the plan services. These options set limits on costs from lower monthly premiums with fewer benefits, or higher premiums with multiple benefits.

Other Options

Medicare supplements provided through federal programs such as COBRA, TRICARE, or Veteran Benefits may be accessed until reaching the age of 65 for eligibility of Medicare supplemental plans through approved private carriers. These options help to meet requirements for Medicare supplemental plans as private insurance prefer uninterrupted insurance coverage as a prerequisite.

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