Does Aetna Offer The Best Medicare Supplemental Insurance?

If you are looking for Medicare Supplemental Insurance, then you have probably came across Aetna, one of the largest Medicare Supplemental Insurance providers in America. But, with so many options, it can be hard to tell if Aetna really does offer the best insurance.


In order to figure out if Aetna is the right choice for your Medicare Supplemental Insurance, you need what to look for when you are shopping for Medicare Supplemental Insurance.
Medicare Supplemental Insurance is insurance that covers what your Medicare does not. It is often referred to as Medigap, because it covers the gap between your Medicare and you.

What to look for before deciding

When you are looking at Medicare Supplemental Insurance you want to figure out how much supplemental insurance you actually need, and then start looking for providers to fill that gap. So, the simple answer to the question, “does Aetna offer the best medicare supplemental insurance?” would be, it depends.

Medigap plans Aetna offers

Aetna has excellent A, B, and F Medigap plans that are designed to supplement your existing Medicare plan. But, all of the plans are not available in every state. You will need to check and see if Aetna offers plans in the state that you are currently living in.

Aetna’s track record

Generally, Aetna is widely regarded as a quality Medicare Supplemental Insurance provider and is a great provider to purchase additional insurance coverage from. As far as medicare supplemental insurance goes, there is not really much a difference between providers once you start looking within the state.

The easiest way to figure out if Aetna is right for you is to look at your Medicare coverage and figure out what you still need to be covered to be safe. For most cases Aetna should have you covered, but doing some comparison shopping won’t do you any harm either.

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