Does AARP Offer The Best Medicare Supplemental Insurance?

The American Association of Retired Persons offers Medicare Supplemental Insurance through a few different companies. The organization itself endorses the plans it does not offer them. Because the AARP does not offer the plans, the answer to if it offers the best insurance is a resounding no. The AARP does not offer these programs by itself it simply endorses the programs. The organization exists to make life better for older Americans. It is noted for it advocacy of causes that affect senior citizens. It also will try to find ways to make life easier for it members.

Wait, so AARP Doesn’t Offer Medicare Supplemental Insurance?

A television viewer probably has seen many commercials touting the benefits of Medicare Supplemental Insurance plans offered by the organization. The organization uses its members to gain buying power. The business plan for many companies may or may not be successful. The AARP has been around a long time, however, and has established itself as an advocacy group for older Americans. Perspective advertisers know that people are more likely to trust a company if it has the backing of the organization. They also know that the AARP has the resources to advertise and promote the plans effectively.

Do the Companies the AARP Works With Offers Good Medicare Supplemental Insurance?

The companies the organization chooses to work with are often large names that have a long history in their chosen field. The AARP will work with car insurance companies, health insurance companies, hotels and businesses to bring discounts or better offer to their consumers. The idea behind these offers is simple. The more customers that buy a product, the lower the prices that the provider can offer. Buying health insurance in bulk may seem like a bad idea, but it solves many other problems people have with the process.

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