Does A Medicare Supplemental Plan Replace Original Medicare?

The two of them are intended to work with one another to reduce the out of pocket expenses that people have to deal with when a medical event causes a disruption in their lives.

When you reach the age of sixty five it is important to understand medicare and what your options are, what your coverage is. It is important not to confuse the various different Medicare Parts with your Medicare Supplemental Plan. One question that is asked quite often is whether or not a Medicare Supplemental Plan replaces Medicare. In a word, the answer is “No.” They are intended to supplement Medicare.

What Does Medicare Pay For?

Medicare is divided into two parts, Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B. Part A pays for most of the costs that would be incurred if you became an inpatient, and Part B is there to pay for the costs that you would come across as an outpatient. It is important to realize that Medicare does not pay all the costs.

What Is A Medicare Supplemental Plan For?

The purpose of a Medicare Supplemental Plan is to pay for some of the remaining costs after Medicare. This helps to reduce the amount of money that you pay out of your pocket when you visit the doctor.

A Medicare Supplemental Plan is not a Replacement for Medicare:
Medicare will help you pay for any medical event that is covered, reducing what you have to go through. The purpose of the supplemental plan is to pay for the rest or most of the remaining costs incurred by the event. One does not replace the other, they are combined to give you more coverage so you pay less in the event that something

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