Do I Need Travel Insurance If I Have Medicare Supplemental Insurance?

Having Medicare Supplemental Insurance and Medicare which is required to get Medicare Supplemental Insurance has no bearing at all on travel insurance. Travel insurance covers you on completely different situations that might not even have anything to do with your making provisions to get health treatments or drug and hospital care. One buys travel insurance as a life insurance policy in case of accident while traveling. One also buys travel insurance in today’s insurance market to cover oneself in case of loss or emergency situation while traveling. Your Medicare Supplemental Insurance coverage plan is meant to be used for your personal health situations in conjunction with your Medicare policy plan.

What Is Travel Insurance?

Travel insurance is taken out to cover your unexpected traveling problems such as needing to cancel a flight, losing your luggage, needing to be flown back home for an emergency situation and other,travel related problematic situations. One buys travel insurance when one buys a package tour or pays for a flight using a credit card. There are other separate travel insurance companies that have special travel insurance plans.

Would Travel Insurance Ever Pay For Your Hospital Care While Traveling?

If you take that provision when buying travel insurance, your hospital costs will be covered by your travel insurance according to the provisions of your travel insurance policy. That, of course, has nothing to do with your Medicare Supplemental Insurance since the two might not even coincide. Your Medicare Supplemental Insurance is primarily used when your Medicare policy doesn’t cover a medical expense like drugs. Also, your Medicare Supplemental Insurance is only good in the continental USA. If you are traveling out of the country, you will need to make provisions for your health care in case you get sick.

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