Do I Need To Do Anything With A Medicare Supplemental Claim?

A Medicare supplemental claim is something that needs to handled and verified by a doctor or a clinician before the process actually moves forward. A simple Medicare supplemental claim such as one dealing with a basic charge for a physical therapy session even needs to go through the proper channels before the session is verified and the payment is billed to Medicare. If this happens to be your first Medicare supplemental claim then you can potentially run into some trouble as a consumer. The people who work at the customer service department for your Medicare supplemental company should be able to assist you with your problem.

Medicare Parts

One thing that may need to be determined first is the part of Medicare that your particular claim falls under. If your Medicare supplemental claim happens to fall under Medicare Part A, most likely you are talking about some sort of hospital stay or home health care situation. Medicare Part A also deals with hospice care and end of life situations. A Medicare supplemental company should already be aware of your situation, particularly if you are talking about end of life care. The more the company knows before hand, the easier your Medicare supplemental claim should be.

Medicare Handbook

The Center for Medicare services does put out a new handbook on a yearly basis on how to deal with different Medicare claims and the unique situations associated with them. The billing department at your doctors office needs to be efficient if you want the billing situation associated with your Medicare supplemental claim to go smoothly. You want to make sure that you are signed up with a proven health insurance company like Aetna because that entity would know how to handle your Medicare supplement claim properly.

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