Do I Have To Change My Medicare Insurance Plan If I Move Out Of State?

A Guide on how to make sure that your medicare insurance plan moves with you to another state. If you have a Medicare Advantage Plan, read this.

Should I Check To Make Sure That I Can Keep My Plan?

Moving out of state involves submitting numerous forms and making calls to ensure that any service that needs to know one’s location knows about the move. Health insurance through Medicare is one of the most important of these services, and making sure that one’s Medicare insurance plan is in order before and after the move is of paramount importance. This is especially important when one considers that even though health insurance providers, including both corporations and Medicare, exist on a national level, the administration of insurance is done on a state by state basis. This means that one must check that their plan transfers, since it may transfer in some cases but not others.

How Can I Check if My Medicare Plan Will Transfer?

Fortunately, Medicare is a federal program, so moving out of state will not exclude one from coverage by a Medicare insurance plan outright. However, moving may affect one’s premiums and the exact type of coverage. The “Original” Medicare insurance plan is not affected by a move, so the necessary thing to do when moving is to notify one’s provider. However, Medicare Supplement, Advantage, and Part D plans are administered by independent providers, so those plans may not be available or their premiums may be different depending on location. In this case, one should search for new Medicare plans to find the best plan for one’s needs. Medicare administrators facilitate this by allowing a Medicare recipient to notify Medicare of their upcoming move, allowing the recipient to change their plans before moving.

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