Do I Get Medicare If I Am Enrolled In Social Security?

Many people always ask the question as stated in the title not to find a credible answer. It is quite evident that most people want to enjoy their Medicare and social security at the same time, and the question lingers, do you get Medicare if you are enrolled in social security plan? Well, the answer is yes. As of last year there has been integration of social security and Medicare to offer you a part A (hospital cover) plan after you successfully retire at the age of 65. The good news is that there is a set mechanism that automatically registers you as eligible for Medicare if you have been continuously and faithfully remitting your social security funds for the past two years. However, you need to contact social security and alert them that you are applying for Medicare with the guidance of certain guidelines.

Special Enrollment For Medicare

There are certain factors that you need to consider if you decide to enroll for Medicare. You should contact them if you are a widower or a disabled person between the ages of 50-60 years just to make sure they include you in the plan before you get past 65. You also need to specify if you are a government employee that got disabled before the retirement age.

How The Program Works

You need to know that if you are a disabled person who is enrolled for social security, then chances are that you are getting Medi-care. However, the advantage fades away if you get to be employed. You get the Medicare for an extended period of up to eight and a half years after which you are not considered. You can however still receive Medicare if you get to reach age 65.

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