Do All Medicare Supplementals Cover Prescription Drugs?

There are some Medicare supplemental policies that do not cover prescription drugs. These programs are meant to cover things like hospitalization and hospice care. If you do further research, you will find that some Medicare supplementals are not even available in entire states. The state of Hawaii does not have United Health Medicare supplemental plans available to their residents despite the fact that the plan happen to be endorsed by the AARP. It can also be said that other companies like Humana have a hard time finding a clinic of physicians in some portions of a particular state who will accept the Medicare supplementals that they offer.

Medicare Part D

Medicare Part D which of course is focused on prescription drug coverage has proven to be insufficient in certain situations as people have had to use Medigap Plan K for example to help them meet some of their needs associated with their prescription drugs. There is no question that the world of prescription drugs can be very confusing. There are some Medicare Part D prescription drug cards that will cover Levitra for example while another Medicare Part D plan that you enrolled in does not cover Levitra. A consumer must stay up to date with the plans that most fit their needs. Medicare supplementals need to be affordable. Medicare supplementals need to be geared to your needs.


Medicare does genuinely attempt to pay around ninety percent of the total cost of your prescription drug coverage, but it is never a bad idea to look into a Medigap plan when you truly can see the need to do so. A physician can help you select the right Medigap plan for your secondary coverage and this is exactly what we are talking about when it comes to prescription drugs, secondary coverage. The need for good secondary coverage is paramount.

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