Determining Which Medicare Advantage Plan is Available in Your State

Finding Which Medicare Advantage Plan is Available in Your State

Determining which Medicare Advantage Plan is available is not a daunting task. Neither is comparing plans by premiums, benefits, coverage, or customer satisfaction ratings. The most useful tool for finding the right Medicare Advantage Plan is the government website:

Follow These Steps:

1. Go to:
2. In the section “Medicare Benefits” there will be listed Parts A, B, C & D. Medicare Part C is synonymous with Medicare Advantage and is also labeled as such. Click on “Part C”.
3. Scroll down to the section “How to Join a Medicare Advantage Plan” and a link will be found called “Find and Compare Medicare Advantage Plans in Your Area”.
4. The Medicare Plan Finder will appear with an input field for “Zip Code”. Input your zip code and press on the button: Find Plans.
5. A four-step process commences to locate the right plan for your needs. You’ll be asked two questions to determine your current Medicare status and which Medicare assistance programs are currently being used if any.
6. A list of Medicare Part C plans will appear and you will be given the chance of selecting your current plan if you have one. You’re not required to indicate your current plan but doing so will provide a comparison between that plan and any other Medicare Part C plan you are interested in.
7. The list will now show the available plans in your area along with how much the premiums are, whether the plan includes a Part D benefit (prescription drug). You will be allowed to compare this two other plans with your current plan for a comparison of benefits.

What to do When a Suitable Plan is Found

When a suitable plan is found it is recommended to contact customer service for the plan to ask specific questions regarding any health issues you face, if your preferred physician or clinic is participating in the plan, etc. The enrollment period this year is from October 15 through December 7. No changes can be made after that so due your due diligence early on.

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