Comparing Medicare Advantage Plans: What Do I Do?

Compare Medicare Advantage Plans to determine which one suits your medical needs.

Medicare is fine, but by itself, it is not enough. How does one compare Medicare advantage plans? Here are some guidelines.

How Are You?

Look at your existing health situation. What are your major concerns? What about your family history? If there is a history of heart illness/disease in your family, you will probably want to highlight more complete coverage in that area. If Aunt Rose or Uncle Lou suffered asthma or lung related issues, you might want to consider fuller coverage for that condition, including peripherals, such as breathing treatments and oxygen condensers. This is your first consideration.

What Can You Afford?

After you have determined the possible areas that will need coverage, compare medicare advantage plans by what you can afford. You do want the coverage but at a price that you can sustain throughout your life. Having full coverage is nice but f you have to sacrifice everything for it it now becomes a quality of life issue. Do you really want to live forever if you can’t do anything you enjoy?

Where Do You Plan To Be?

Surprisingly, few people consider this aspect, but if you visit outside of the U.S., Medicare does not cover you, you are on your own until you get back to the good old USA. Make sure when you compare medicare advantage plans that they will cover you wherever you are; locally, domestically or even internationally, as needed.

Putting It All Together

So we have all the above information, now comes the real work. Feel free to contact as many companies as you feel comfortable talking with. Compare quotes and coverages, compare at least three. Remember any and all money that you save is yours.

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