Can Someone Under 65 Qualify For Medicare?

Basic Qualifications

A person must be considered an American citizen. An individual must be fully insured by Medicare, figured by the amount of money made and length of time worked. Work credits, as defined by Medicare, must be met.

Can Someone Under 65 Qualify For Medicare If Disabled?

The answer is yes, but there are other guidelines to meet. The ability to answer the question, Can Someone Under 65 Qualify For Medicare, depends on how long a person has been disabled and what benefits are being received. An individual considered disabled for two years and receiving Social Security Disability Insurance for twenty-four months, qualifies for Medicare. Medicare should automatically send a Medicare card three months before eligibility is to begin.

ALS Will Qualify A Person For Early Medicare Benefits

A diagnosis of Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, more commonly known as Lou Gehring’s Disease, is another way to answer the question Can Someone Under 65 Qualify For Medicare. An individual should immediately be considered eligible and automatically put on Medicare when the first Social Security Disability check is received.

Dialysis Or A Kidney Transplant Qualifies For Medicare

Can Someone Under 65 Qualify For Medicare can be answered yes, if a diagnosis of end stage renal failure has been made. An individual receiving dialysis is considered eligible after a three-month waiting period. If dialysis is being received, and a self-dialysis program is put into place, eligibility should begin the same month as the self-dialysis program. Self-dialysis must be expected to continue after the program has come to an end. If someone is going to receive a kidney transplant, eligibility should begin two months before the procedure.

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