Can Seniors Receive Travel Insurance Medicare?

Seniors travel more and so require travel insurance Medicare does not provide. There is a way to travel and be insured.

The Problem With Medicare

Seniors like to travel. They have managed to accumulate the funds to do so, and some have planned to do so for a lifetime. The problem is that they must sometimes rely on Medicare as their sole form of insurance due to income issues, which has some limitations on its availability outside of the borders of the United States. That is, excluding some emergency situations in Canada or Mexico, or some issues involving care and hospital location, Medicare is unavailable outside of the United States, effectively limiting travel for some seniors.

A Possible Solution

Thanks to travel insurance Medicare limitations can be superseded. The senior can pick up some forms of travel insurance. Medicare itself offers a form of Medigap insrance for seniors traveling abroad, that offers a $50,000 lifetime limit and pays up to 80% of the bill past a $250 deductible for certain plans; it is advised to check with your Medicare worker in order to see what kind of travel insurance Medicare will provide. Some insurance carriers will provide a temporary health insurance for those traveling beyond the American borders, but the cost may be more than the usual premiums, so some research will pay off.

Getting The Most Out Of Your Insurance

If you are planning on going outside of the United States check with your worker to determine if you have coverage, and if not if there is some sort of coverage such as Medigap. If not see if you can get travel insurance Medicare is not giving you. Keep in mind that most insurance does not cover medical tourism, and that they will be on the lookout for those attempting to seek treatments unavailable inside the United States. Nonetheless, you want to make sure that you are covered on your trip in case of an emergency, and it never hurts to know you options.

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