Can Private Health Plans Reduce My Medicare Benefits?

A person with private health insurance may wonder if having the Private Health insurance will reduce his medicare benefits. The answer depends on the type of private plan he has and his age. It is not a clear cut issue because Medicare is an entitlement program for people who have reached what the federal government considers the retirement age.

Can Private Health Plans Reduce My Medicare Benefits If I’m Younger than 65?

Yes, they can. Disability claims are often reviewed to see if a person is able to work. The frequency at which this happens depends on whether or not the judge thinks there is a possibility for improvement. If a person is no longer eligible, he loses Medicare, but that by itself, has nothing to do with private health insurance.

For people under 65, a private health care plan may reduce or eliminate the Medicare benefits that he receives, if the primary purpose of the plan is to provide basic health insurance coverage. For a person over 65, he can have both plans without his health coverage being impacted in any way.

Do Private Health Plans Reduce My Coverage if they Are Medicare Supplement Plans?

A private plan that is designed to cover gaps in Medicare coverage will not reduce your Medicare coverage as that would defeat the purpose of these plans in the first place. Anyone who qualifies for Medicare can buy a supplemental plan. They are not run by the federal government, but the Medicare agency does oversee them. Anyone who has Medicare can have a Medicare supplemental plan without fear of losing their primary coverage.

If a person worries about losing his coverage by working for an employer that offers health insurance or through purchasing a private plan, he should check with his local social security office. The staff will find the answer if they do not know it off the top of their head.

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