Can Private Health Plans Reduce My Medicare Benefits?

You should know that private health care plans have different rules and regulations. Private plans work with medicare to manage your health care benefits. Different plans may always have different rules for managing your Medicare benefits. You will certainly need to know your private plan rules prior to choosing the plan. Your health care plan representative cab assist you too ensure you understand your specific plan rules and benefits.

What do private health plans make me pay?

Part B premiums must be paid unless the private health care plan you choose specifies otherwise. Depending on your plan choice there may be an additional premium. You should always ask these questions up front when choosing a plan. A private plan may charge a copay for an office visit but it is done at a set amount. For special types of care, the copay may vary, depending on the plan. With some plans, if you choose to be treated outside the plans network, you may pay full cost. So, “can private health plans reduce my Medicare benefits?” There are certain choices that you could make that may reduce your Medicare benefits. If you have Medicare from a converted source and you decide to switch plans, your benefits could be reduced.

Why are my benefits reduced?

As I previously stated, private health plans are designed to work with Medicare to manage your benefits. If you were to choose a physician out of the area network on an HMO plan, your benefits might be turned down. If you have a Medicare private plan that covers prescription drugs and you enroll in a medicare prescription drug plan,
you will automatically be dis-enrolled and switched back to the original Medicare so you will certainly need to understand how your private health plan will work for you.

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