Can My Medigap Insurance Company Drop Me?

What Is A Medigap Insurance Company?

A Medigap insurance company is a private insurance company that happens to sell Medigap coverage. If you happen to purchase this coverage, then whichever company you purchase it from becomes your Medigap insurance company.

Can The Company Drop Me? If So, How?

Technically a company can drop you from your Medigap insurance coverage, but you have certain rights and protections that will help you to avoid this situation if it were to happen to you. The Medigap insurance company cannot drop you if you are in a Medicare Advantage Plan and that plan moves out of your area. They also cannot drop you if you have an original Medicare plan that a union you are a member of is paying part of. These are just two of the conditions under which a Medigap insurance company cannot drop you. Other conditions are outlined in official government websites and publications.

Why Is It Some Much Harder To Be Dropped By Medigap?

Medigap is a program that was created by private industry, but it is still regulated by the federal government. Because it pertains to health care, the government makes sure to put in strict regulations to help consumers of this product. The new health care bill that was just passed this year added to or tightened certain restrictions concerning Medigap. It is important that you stay up to date on your rights when it comes to things like this. The easiest way to do that is to maintain notice of the government websites devoted to the topic of Medicare. If you are considering getting Medigap coverage, then make sure that you examine all of the companies that sell it carefully. Also go into those companies knowing your rights.

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