Can My Medicare Benefits Run Out?

Individuals tend to think that having Medicare provides for all their healthcare needs, no matter what medical situation they may run into. This is not the case. Understanding what benefits can run out and how to protect yourself in case they do will help individuals plan ahead.

Can My Medicare Benefits Run Out?

The answer is yes, certain benefits can run out and if not prepared for this, individuals can be left on their own to pay costly bills. Each part of Medicare was designed to cover certain medical costs. Due to the limited benefits, supplemental insurance is offered by independent insurance companies.

Hospital Stays

Can my Medicare benefits run out for hospital stays? The limits on hospital stays are 90 days and an additional 60 days for a person’s lifetime. If an individual needs additional hospital care, Medicare will not pay for it and it is left up to the patient to pay for additional costs. Having a supplemental plan will help cover the costs of additional days if the need were to arise.

Skilled Nursing Facilities

Can my Medicare benefits run out for nursing facilities? For individuals who may need a skilled nursing facility, Medicare will pay for the first 20 days and limited costs for up to 80 more days. Patients must have been in the hospital for 3 days prior to being admitted into the nursing facility and they must require some form of therapy, five times a week.

Home Health Care and Hospice

For individuals wondering can my Medicare benefits run out for home health care, Medicare covers 100 days of home health care, but an individual must have been in the hospital for at least three days and the home care must start within 14 days of being discharged. Medicare does cover hospice care for individuals who are terminally ill if their life expectancy is six months or less.

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    You might want to verify your sources because medicare pays for much more than 100 visits for home health. That’s gonna miss lead a lot of people so please retract that statement. Medicare provides home health till death to an individual that shows a need and meets the requirements for COP

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