Can My Medicare Benefits Run Out?

Assistance with health care today is an even more critical concern in this country with the new Healthcare Law in effect. Many seniors over the age of 65, including those who are disabled, rely on Medicare for health coverage. However, like everything else, things change and so does medical care. Considering this is it’s worth noting that you ask the question, can my Medicare benefits run out? Of course then can and very well may unless you know the facts.

Okay, If The Question Comes Up Can My Medicare Benefits Run Out, How?

It’s a chain of events. Too many legal and illegal persons taking advantage of free hospitalization, emergency care and nursing home care. Medicare benefits don’t continue on until you die! If a Medicare person is injured or sick enough to be placed in a hospital and exceeds their 90 day allotment, the electric door exit opens and out you go.

If My Medicare Benefits Expire What Can A Person Do?

After you get the boot from the hospital if inpatient care is required you can be placed in a nursing home and Medicare will cover the expense for 80 days, then be converted to Medicare Part B, where you pay for care.

Where Do I Look For Protection When Medicare Benefits Run Out?

Sooner or later Medicare is not going to be able to protect you. If they run out and you didn’t have the foresight to look ahead and ask yourself, can my Medicare benefits run out, prepare yourself by investigating health coverage gaps with some different Medigap plans. Don’t wait until the worst case scenario hits and your screwed.

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One Response to “Can My Medicare Benefits Run Out?”

  1. Weiwen says:

    Like the article that claimed that Medicare benefits can be taxed, this article contains a number of factual inaccuracies. Plus the writer needs to re-learn some grammar.

    First, the question is very poorly worded. Do you mean whether the trust fund is going to be exhausted? If so, yes, the trust fund is in danger of running out. However, health reform will give us much better ability to control Medicare costs.

    Second, if the question meant can you use up your Medicare benefits, the answer is no. Medicare won’t cover a very long hospital stay – you would have to exhaust all your lifetime reserve days. That wouldn’t be pleasant, but it is rare. Most people will get discharged before then. In addition, Medicaid is available to help with payments if you deplete your income and savings.

    Third, undocumented immigrants are not eligible for Medicare and could not possibly have any negative impact on the trust fund. That paragraph was worded in an inflammatory fashion.

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