Can My Employer Force Me To Take Medicare?

Medicare is a right afforded to all citizens of the US if they meet certain criteria. That does not mean however that the service can be forced upon anybody. If you reach the age of 65 and have had private insurance offered through your employer, they can’t force you to take Medicare to reduce there costs. There are very specific rules and regulations set forth by the government that control how this type of activity works, and they don’t allow an employer to force you to take Medicare.

Consider Getting Medicare As Supplemental Coverage

Even though your employer can’t force you off their plan, you can actually continue with private insurance and use Medicare as a supplement. This won’t work for everybody but if you don’t make a ridiculous amount of money there is a good chance you will qualify. Getting the extra help while working will help you to save even more money for the day you choose to stop working. Don’t let an employer force you to take Medicare if it won’t help, but don’t be afraid to look into it as a secondary policy to help pay the bills.

How Do You Know If You Qualify?

Medicare is a very complicated system and it can be really difficult for the average person to figure on their own what they might qualify for. It doesn’t do any harm to look into the matter and see if you might benefit from getting this type of service. While your employer can’t force you to take Medicare and can’t kick you off their plan for turning 65, it may still be a good idea to consider using it as a supplemental policy. using it as a supplemental policy.

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