Can My Doctor Refuse To Accept Medicare Coverage?

Many citizens want to know, can my doctor refuse to accept Medicare coverage? Unfortunately, patients seeking medical care may find that more and more doctors are refusing to accept Medicare coverage. Since it is not discrimination and doctors have the right to choose which providers they will and will not accept, they have the legal right to refuse Medicare coverage at their office.

How Can I Find Out if My Doctor Accepts Medicare Coverage?

The easiest way to find out if your doctor accepts Medicare is to call the doctors office and see if they will accept it. Sometimes, depending on the situation, the doctors office may make an exception or help work out another means of payment if you are not able to make the full payment with out Medicare. Keep in mind that most Specialists will not accept Medicare coverage due to low reimbursement offered by Medicare.

Can Doctors Refuse to Accept My Medicare Coverage at the Emergency Room?

When you have an emergency, doctors can not refuse to see you just because you have Medicare coverage. They may refuse to accept Medicare but, they can not refuse to see you. However, most hospitals do accept Medicare along with many other providers. In most situations, if they don’t accept Medicare they will bill you for any expenses incurred.

If for some reason, an emergency care facility refuses treat you because they do not accept Medicare, be sure to follow up with your local governmental agencies and health board to report the conduct.

How Can I Find A Doctor That Will Accept Medicare Coverage?

The easiest way to find a doctor that accepts Medicare Coverage is to create a list of doctors that you are interested in seeing. Then call each doctor and see what form of Medicare Coverage they will accept, if any. During that time you can discuss payment options for any treatment they refuse to cover, ask questions about billing, and set up appointments.

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