Can Medicare Survive Obamacare?

Everyone wants to know what is going to happen to our health care system under the new regulations coming out of Washington. Obamacare, as it is being called, seems to be setting its sights on everything to do with health care. Medicare is even in the bulls eye when it comes to targeting programs for change. So, the question has to be “can Medicare survive Obamacare?

Can Medicare Survive Obamacare?

Great question. The answer is being bandied about by the many entities that are discussing the issues of legislated health care. One side will tell you that nothing about health care is going to change and the other is saying that everything will take a hit. One things seems to be perfectly clear, and that nothing will be the same if this new legislation is fully implemented.

What Changes Will There Be?

Changes that will take place with the health care, that we have become accustomed to, will entail bureaucrats making the decisions, instead of doctors and patients, about what kind of care we will be able to receive. Medicare is not exempt from these changes.

Other Changes If The New Health Care Plan Takes Place

The number of health care providers will diminish as more regulations are placed on them, while at the same time, the compensation will be decreased. They are already refusing to take on more patients that receive Medicare. That will leave us all searching diligently for a provider that will even accept Medicare.

So, is Medicare safe from changes? Hardly, this administration seems bent on reconstructing the nation that we all love into something we will no longer recognize, Medicare and all.

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