Can Medicare Refuse To Pay My Hospital Bill?

If you find that Medicare refuses to pay your hospital bills then there are a few options available. First, you can attempt to dispute the bill and illustrate to them why you feel it is there responsibility to pay. Second, you may want to find out if the hospital is at fault for doing something that Medicare won’t cover. There is a big difference between being told before treatment that Medicare will cover the costs and then backs away and if the hospital or medical facility didn’t follow proper procedures to ensure coverage.

Know That There Are Many Action Groups Available

If you are left holding the bill, don’t be afraid. As mentioned above there are many resources available to help you fight for your rights as a patient and Medicare recipient. If Medicare backed out of payment you need to find out why. Sometimes the problem can be as simple as a clerical error and can be corrected in no time. If the problem is that Medicare refused to pay your hospital bill because of procedure, you may have to file a complaint against the facility.

The Last Resort May Be Legal Action

While most problems are resolved as misunderstandings, there is always a few instances where further action must be taken. If you fall into this category then you may have to find a lawyer to help figure out why Medicare refused to pay your hospital bill. Again, this is the option available when you were told that you would be covered and then for some reason after the medical treatment the coverage is denied. There could be many different reasons a person may be denied and you should try to remedy the situation as soon as possible.

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