Can Medicare and Dental Insurance Be Used Together?

Medicare does not cover most expenses for dental services. Medicare and dental insurance can be used together for such costs.

Medicare does not help you pay for dental care that provides for maintenance of your teeth. That means you are responsible for regular checkups, cleanings or fillings. Medicare does not pay for dentures, even if coverage was given for removal of a tooth because it was necessary for a covered medical process or procedure.

Dental Services Coverage by Private Health Plans

Some Medicare private health plans do have coverage for regular dental services and there are some exceptions to the above information. If dental services are required to protect your overall health Medicare may help cover some of the costs. It is important to realize and understand that follow up dental care will not be covered, even if some of the initial expense for dental services was paid.

Exceptions to Non-payment of Dental Services by Medicare

The basic rule is that Medicare does not cover any dental services unless such services are needed or are the result of non-dental services and procedures that Medicare does cover. For example, if a dental procedure requires hospitalization, Medicare will pay its normal coverage for hospitalization and doctors fees, but not the fee from the dentist for the procedure performed. No follow up, out patient expenses will be covered, but some prescription medicines may be covered. Another example of a dental service that might be covered is when it is necessary to pull a tooth to prevent the spread of infection.

How to Maximize Coverage of Dental Services

Medicare and Dental Insurance can work together to cover most, or in some cases, all of your expenses related to dental services. It is important to review and completely understand what the situations are that result in Medicare coverage for some dental services. If you compare what Medicare covers to private dental insurance plans completely, you have a good chance to have a situation where Medicare and dental insurance can work together for your maximum benefit.

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