Can I Lose My Employer’s Health Coverage If I Have Medicare?

It is very likely that your employer will drop the employer based health coverage plan if you happen to have Medicare coverage. It can be very expensive to be able to insure people who happen to be of the Medicare age/Medicare eligible. Some very poor people are also eligible for Medicare Part A, but they likely would not be eligible for an employer based health coverage system to begin with. There are plenty of people out there who would be afraid of losing their employer based coverage if they happen to become Medicare eligible.


Employers do not typically want to cover employees who have become Medicare eligible. The proposition of doing this is is something that can cause their employer based health coverage plans to cost more in the long run. Medicare eligibility is something that a lot of people fight for so they are not even phased by the fact that they may end up losing their employer’s health coverage. Some people may find Medicare coverage to be better than their employer’s health coverage. An employer’s health coverage may not be as extensive as the Medicare system is.


Some people may not really like their Medicare coverage. They may find themselves begging to stay on their employer’s coverage as opposed to going on the Medicare system. This sort of thing really should be a consumer’s choice. The consumer should have the option between going on Medicare or staying on their employer’s health coverage. People who have Medicare may be able to tell you which system is better and why it may be a good idea to stay on your employer’s health coverage as opposed to staying tied to the Medicare system as a consumer with health needs.

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