Can I Just Drop Medicare Part D?

Figuring out whether or not a Medicare recipient should drop Medicare Part D is not an easy decision. The answer depends on the level of drug coverage a person already has. If the program is the only prescription drug coverage a person has, it is a good idea to keep up his current level of coverage. If he wants to switch to a different plan, such as a private drug plan or an HMO, he needs to evaluate whether or not he will save money. It all comes down to a person’s finances in the end.

Who Should Drop Medicare Part D

When Medicare Part D becomes a greater hindrance than a help, it is time for a Medicare recipient to drop it. While it covers half of the cost of most prescription drugs, a person in relatively good health may find that the prescription drug government offered by the government becomes a burden rather than a help. If the paperwork and the money expended is too much, there is no reason to keep the program up. He can save money and undue burden upon taxpayers by dropping the program entirely.

When To Keep Medicare Part D

The above paragraph may paint a picture that this federal program is always a bad thing. The program was offered in 2006 to give seniors easier access to prescription drug coverage. The Bush administration program helped millions of American senior citizens obtain easier access to much needed medications. If a person has a lot of prescription drugs that they need to maintain their quality of life, there is no need for them to drop the program. In fact, it is usually a bad idea to drop Medicare Part D unless a person has extremely good reasons for doing so.

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