Can I Have Medicare As My Health Insurance When I Am Working?

Medicare can be a great tool for getting the proper amount of health care to lead a healthy productive life. Even if you are still working, there is a great chance that you may be able to qualify for this service. It is important, however, that we understand the pros and cons involved with such a decision. If you have private insurance it will be a good idea for you to determine which policy would be better in terms of coverage and financial costs out of pocket.

Do You Meet The Age Requirement?

If you choose not to retire at the standard age of 65 you can still choose to use Medicare. It will not effect how much you get paid, or the coverage offered. Remember though that you personal finances are used to determine the amount of coverage you will get, so having more income than a retired person could be detrimental in the right circumstances. While you can have Medicare as you health insurance while you are working it may or may not be a good idea for your particular situation.

Do You Have The Option Of Private Health Care?

If you can get a subsidized or reduced health care plan from your employer it may be a good idea to utilize that service until you aren’t working. That isn’t always true, and in many cases it is entirely the opposite. Since you can get Medicare as your health insurance when you are working you will have to determine what your needs are and act accordingly. Don’t just assume that it is the right choice since you have reached a certain age and now qualify for benefits.

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