Can I Go To Any Doctor With My Medicare Supplemental Insurance?

Medicare participants are allowed to see any doctor in the selected plan networks or a doctor who accepts Medicare Supplemental Insurance. Depending on the Medicare Supplemental Insurance medical services available in the area the approved networks will provide a list of doctors for the Medicare participant’s selection.


Doctors have the option of accepting the Medicare Supplemental Insurance, and as long as the doctor accepts Medicare the participant can continue to see any doctor of their choice under the plan. Medicare participants seeing doctors outside of the approved networks or if the doctor does not accept Medicare, may be subject to additional out of pocket costs.


Medicare Supplemental Insurance is intended to cover medical services not available or covered through Medicare. Private insurance companies offer the Medicare Supplemental Insurance coverage to all Medicare participants when they reach the age of 65. Medicare Supplemental Insurance is an option for Medicare participants interested in purchasing additional coverage.


Medicare participants have the option of selecting a supplemental plan from the insurance company with plan options and premium pricing varying from state to state. The encouraging value of Medicare Supplemental Insurance is that the plan does allow the Medicare participant to see any doctor or visit any hospital of their choice.


Hospitals, which are part of the insurance company’s networks, are preferred service providers. Medical services are furnished according to the Medicare Supplemental Insurance plan and typically allow the Medicare participant to select any hospital or doctor. The doctors and staff at the approved network hospitals accept the Medicare Supplemental Insurance plan for their services offering peace of mind to the Medicare participant during their stay.

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