Can I Get Medicare Supplemental Insurance If I Have Carve Out Coverage?

Medicare Supplemental Insurance plan provides a variety of coverage since every individual may have different health coverage needs. There are several Medicare Supplemental Insurance plans and the carve out coverage may help both the pre-retiree and the employer with a costing savings medical program. As the employee reaches the age of 65, employer’s medical coverage normally terminates once the individual moves to Medicare insurance. If the employee continues with the employer, the carve out plan may prove to be successful in reducing costs to both the employer and employee without reducing the quality of the healthcare.

Medicare Carve Out

Medicare carve out is a Medicare Supplemental Insurance that’s part of the Medicare coverage. Medicare carve out is intended to pay the different between what Medicare original would have paid for services and what the individual would have paid without Medicare original coverage. The benefits for the carve out policy is that employers take advantage of reduced employee medical costs, which are covered under Medicare. And the pre-retiree employee will never pay more once they transfer to Medicare.

Amounts are determined by the employer calculating what they would have paid for the employee’s medical treatment as the primary provider. The employer subtracts what they would have paid from the actual Medicare payment and pays the difference. There are stipulations for this calculation; the difference must be a positive.

Private insurance companies provide Medicare Supplemental Insurance, be sure review the policy coverage. There may be spending limitations, co-pays and deductibles that the employee or pre-retiree is responsible for paying. Premium costs will vary from company to company, so it does pay to take the time to before purchasing the policy.

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