Can I Get Medicare If I Am Working?

What Is Medicare?

Medicare is the government run health care program. Medicare is an entitlement program that every American is guaranteed once they become senior citizens. This is the program that is going to help senior citizens to be able to afford the health care costs that they take on. It is something that helps them to be able to avoid going bankrupt and living in poverty.

Who Is Able To Get Medicare?

Only those who meet certain requirements are able to get Medicare. If you are someone who meets those requirements, then you are going to find that you are automatically able to get Medicare. The primary thing is that you are going to have to be of retirement age. If you are not, then you are going to find that you most likely are not going to be able to get this program.

Can I Get Medicare If I Am Still Working?

Many question if they are able to get Medicare if they are still employed and working. The answer is that they are able to get it as long as they meet all other requirements. This means that most of the workforce is not able to have access to this program, but those who are of age to get it anyway still could. The program does not discriminate against someone just because they are working. It is something that is given to them freely as a way of helping them to gain access to health care when they need it. The only thing that might block them from getting it is if they already have another private health care plan that they prefer. In that case though, that is the individual turning down the insurance, not the government turning down the individual.

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