Can I Get Assistance With Medicare Part D Co-Pays?

In 2006, Medicare Part D was introduced to provide senior citizens on Medicare with insurance to help pay for their prescription drugs. These insurance policies are offered by various private companies and customers pay a monthly premium for a policy.Most of these policies require a co-pay when a prescription is filled. Some of these plans may also have annual deductibles. If you have a limited income, the Social Security Administration offers the assistance program, Extra Help. Extra Help can assist Medicare recipients with their Medicare Part D premiums, deductibles and even their co-pays. The income level and assets upon which qualifications are based vary by state.


If you are already eligible for both Medicare and Medicaid, if you receive Supplemental Security Income or if your Medicare premiums are paid by the state, you will automatically receive help with Medicare Part D co-pays, through this program.

Contact your local Social Security office or go to their site online to find out what the current income and asset levels are for qualification and to request an application.


Fill out the application online or complete the hard copy form and return it to Social Security or to your local Social Security office. To do this you may need your Medicare card, your last income tax return, financial statements from current accounts and your most recent Social Security benefits statement.

If you do not hear from the Social Security within two weeks, contact them to check on the status of your application.

Extra Help

If you do qualify for Extra Help, you will need to choose a prescription drug plan. Drug plans can be found and enrolled in at the Medicare web site. Make sure to indicate on the application that you qualify for Extra Help. If you don’t choose a drug plan, you will be placed in one by Medicare, but your benefits may be delayed. Once you enroll in a drug plan, you will be able to begin getting help with your MedicarePart D co-pays.

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