Can I Get A Medicare Supplemental Through The Goverment?

Medigap Policies or Medicare Supplemental is a health insurance provide by private insurance companies to cover the needs that the Original Medicare Plan does not cover. Depending upon the policy, Medicare Supplemental may also help individuals pay for co-insurance, co-payments or deductibles to the costs of the government issued Medicare-covered services. Medicare Supplemental also helps you to pay for medications prescribed by a physician. The Original Medicare plan is provided through the government. Unfortunately, Medicare Supplemental is not provided by the government.

Why Do We Need Medicare Supplemental?

Medicare is a health insurance meant for people 65 or over who face disabilities. This covers many of the needed health care services but there are things that Original Medicare does not cover, hence Medicare Supplemental is created for extra coverage.

Can I Get Original Medicare Through The Government?

Yes, Medicare is a health insurance program run by the Federal government. Original Medicare helps to cover inpatient care in hospitals, doctors’ services, outpatient care, preventive services, skilled nursing facilities, a hospice, and home health care. Original Medicare coverage really helps individuals out with their basic needs. Medicare Supplemental gives the individual more support in paying those pesky items that the Federal government will not help out with.

Should I Still Get Medicare Supplemental?

Yes, the Federal government can only take care of a portion of medical costs. Private insurance companies are under contract with the government to provide affordable Medicare Supplemental Insurance for most everything else. The coverage is irreplaceable. Medicare Supplemental has basic benefits that include coverage of the inpatient respite care and outpatient prescription drug coinsurance as well as many other bits and pieces that will ultimately decrease bills in the long run. Medicare Supplemental is worth all the trouble in the long run, so make sure to look into it.

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