Can I Buy A Medigap Policy That Includes Prescription Drug Coverage?

What Is A Medigap Policy?

A Medigap policy is a type of supplemental health insurance. It is intended to help cover the gaps that are left behind by Medicare. It is sold by private insurance companies that want to provide coverage to customers who are looking to make sure that everything is covered. The policies that are offered by one company may differ significantly from one company to the next. In fact, it is important that you check into what the Medigap policy offered by each company offers and how much it costs.

Can I Buy A Medigap Policy That Includes Prescription Drug Coverage?

Many people would like a health care policy that includes prescription drug coverage. They may have to purchase a lot of prescription drugs for their health. Of course, they want to spend less than they are currently on those drugs. If they just had some insurance to cover them, then they would not have to spend as much. Unfortunately for them the insurance companies are also aware of this fact. They do not want to have to cover all the costs of someone’s prescription drugs. Most companies do not offer a Medigap policy that covers prescription drugs. If you do find a policy that does cover this area then it is likely to cost a lot more in premiums than your typical plan.

Where Can I Turn For A Policy That Does Cover This?

If you want to find a policy that does cover prescription drugs, then you may have to do some searching among the private insurers. The one thing that you can be certain of is that you will have to pay more for that kind of policy than you would if it was just a typical health insurance policy. Make sure that you take this into account before making any decision on what kind of policy you are going to buy.

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